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Please use the comments section below to post your prayer intentions. Keep in mind that this will be publicly visible, so only share details that you are comfortable with others seeing.

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  1. Anne

    Pls pray for my son Mario who has lost his faith so that he will regain his faith and follow Christ

  2. Eero

    We have a City mission at August. We want to meet people who are alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and others. I hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.

  3. Gessi S

    I need money please pray for me and pray for E. to heal from her mental illness

  4. Stephen Njuguna Nduati

    Pray for Fl. that God deliver her from all the pleasures of this world and use of drugs,that she may turn her face to God and know of His love.I also pray that God turn her life around and give her friends that love,seek and fear Him.So that she may go back to School and Church.I believe God will answer our prayers.

  5. Janet

    Please pray for my son, John-Paul. He needs emotional and spiritual healing.
    Pray he will go to the right doctor to get on on the right course back to Jesus.

  6. a.

    please pray for poor cat with peeing problems to get a healing and new safe home,. Thanks

  7. Margaret E. Ruiz

    several special intentions.
    Thank you.

  8. Mary

    For my son to return to the Church

  9. Kristi Hager

    For our all people especially our President and all national and international leaders.
    For healing of cancer.
    For peace in homes and sanctity of the marriage covenant.
    For an overturning of Roe vs Wade and return to sanctity of human life for all ages.

  10. Gessi S

    Please pray for my important request, I’m in a too bad situation

  11. laura Petranek Arneson

    Please pray for a special intention: may a young boy who is experiencing unusual health challenges given a diagnosis and a successful treatment plan, per his Mother.

  12. Amanda

    1. I want to specifically pray for the Evans family for the recent loss of Mrs. Evan.
    2. Today a man staying at the shelter with me bike was stolen during the night. The bike was locked on a pole and a person with access to wire cutters cut the wire, and left the excess wire and lock on the ground. This man cannot go to work and work and breakfast has been delayed for several hours. His name is Willie, and we are in Murfreesboro TN.
    3. I want to pray for a new friend who lives a homosexual lifestyle, I just pray God gives him a true revelation of who HE IS. And that HE will send people in HIS life to disciple him into the Bible.
    4. There are two older women who live at the Salvation army. They are rude and have very domineering personalities. I believe that they believe that because they have been at the shelter a long time that it belongs to them. They treat me like I am dirty, yet I rarely see them bathes, and their work schedules seem extremely inconsistent. Dora sprays our toilet with spray each time she uses the bathroom. She and Lisa, and along with another lady hoard things within the very small room that several women live in. She has trash and food underneath her bed, and acts like others are nasty. Lisa took the bar of soap that I was using to bathe and threw it away, and also put it on the floor. She claimed that she was cleaning the tub and shower. I have seen comet cleaner being put into the shower after I have bathed, and this has not been done behind anyone else. I am very quiet and stay to myself, I barely talk. I go to my job at Walmart and comeback. When they walk by me they stare at me like im supposed to be intimidated it. Honestly, I don’t care,,,,but I think that its a shame and unfair that these women are being allowed to act like this. I had an issue this year where I was evicted from an apartment because I didn’t speak up for myself. I just thought it was going to go away and it didn’t. I have been homeless since June because of that.
    5. I’m writing a song for Code S.P.A.R.K. For my job at Walmart. I hope it turns out OK, I’ve been working on it for months.
    6. My teeth are decaying and I don’t have enough money to go to the dentist. I can taste the rot when I eat, and already have missing teeth on both sides of my mouth. I called a free clinic and they had 800 people on the waiting list. I have dental insurance from Cigna but it does not cover the procedures that I need. There is a tooth in the left right side of my mouth that is completely impacted. This causes it to need surgery, and I wanted to be put asleep to have it taken out. I’m not good with shots or pain, so I know better than to try to get it done and be work. Even-though I have insurance my dentist is trying to make me pay money upfront instead of being billed. I need help, because I don’t want more of my teeth falling out. Most of the time im scared to eat because I’m afraid of my teeth falling out.
    7. I put my relationship with Pastor totally in God’s hands. I have no control over it, and have no other prayers but putting the relationship in HIS hands.
    8. I pray for blessings over my sister and her two sons. She needs help because they are special needs and she is a single mother with no help. At one point she was selling plasma to make ends meet.
    9. Some other peoples prayer request that caught my eye: Hello, I’m getting baptized on the 5th of January. The enemy is trying everything possible to thwart it. I just found out I’m a product of rape… Idk what to do with this information. The enemy knows how to slice to the core. But there is power God
    10. Please pray for I’m going through a separation my mom has stage 4 cancer in her live idk how much time she has left I’m all alone in this world I have nothing left to give sorry
    11. We need prayer that God will provide our rent. I have had an accident & not able to work at this time. Husband has small SS check. It seems I have one accident, heal & start heading in the right direction and another accident happens (broken bones).
    12. My daughters medical assist dog is missing in Sequim.

  13. Kavitha

    Need prayer to avoid influence of another family in our life. We face family issues because of One of my classmates and family lives in the same town. Please pray for us so that they will no longer be a problem for us. Please pray to have good communication, bond and love between my daughter, husband and myself. Thanks. Kavitha

  14. Tiffanie Winburn

    Heavenly Father please expose and cancel every attacks of my enemy’s and most of all defend us against bully’s and terrorists that seek to destroy and crush innocent people’s souls by making Christian mothers and children believe they are to be subdued to the enemy’s taunts and hurts with no help…expose every lie against my life please in Jesus name Amen

  15. Mary

    Please pray for peace in our family – that relationships improve and everyone gets along. Pray that my children will come back to church and raise their children in the faith.
    Please pray for the health of my husband, daughter and myself. My son and his family need financial help.

    In the new year I would like to deepen my prayer life and be a better person. I would like to concentrate on the virtues. Please pray the Holy Sprit will fill me with his graces and help me with this. I just keep failing and I know I cannot do this alone.

  16. Lucy Roberts

    Hi Father Heilman,
    Thank you for posting your homilies on your webpage, and all of the great 54 day Rosary Novenas! I am in Georgia (originally from Wisconsin), and I love your websites Roman Catholic Man and U.S. Grace Force!
    I’m saddened that President Trump has been impeached! Please pray for President Trump.
    Please also pray for my stepmother Helen, who is having surgery on her neck today.
    I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!
    Lucy Roberts

  17. james

    Please pray for the love of my life, for her health and protection. Please also pray that our Lord will reconcile us and save our relationship in his mercy. My heart is so full of sorrow and i need some kind of hope to believe in

  18. Mary Balow

    Thank you for your wonderful ministry of posting your HOMLIES! I just listened to Fr. Richard’s 3rd Sunday of Advent Homily. His prayer for supernatural healing was very vivid for me.

    Our son-in-law is suffering today with Stage IV duodenal cancer; inoperable. He and our daughter have 4 kids, 12,10, 6 & 2.

    Please pray with me for our CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

  19. Mary Mueller

    Please heal my son-in-law from colon cancer.

  20. Susan M. Draftz

    Please pray for the students at St. Lawrence Seminary High School in Mount Calvary, Wisconsin, that they may have the courage to discern their vocation.

  21. George E Ramsey

    Prayer request please! – For George E Ramsey / – financial help; financial aid – to keep my job, and keep my apartment lease – and health – cure for vision problems (avoiding surgery) – Thank you – God Bless! – Sincerely, George E Ramsey / 4607-27th street #3 Mt Rainier Maryland 20712 / Dec 6 2019

  22. David

    Dear Lord, I am praying for David and Magda and their kids, that they would come back to You. Guide them every day and help their family to move on in love. Send your Angels to help them. Send them daily bread and protect them from evil. Amen

  23. Monica

    Please pray for healing and happiness for my brother in Christ, Andrew.

  24. Vlado A

    Please pray for my friend who is going through separation with her spouse. There is also a 3 year old child in the picture. Bless them with the Holy Spirit and give them wisdom, peace and serenity to solve their problems. Only God has a right plan for their complex situation. Amen

  25. Patrick

    Grace and Mercy! May i kindly request you to please pray for (my friend), who is suffering from severe depression. Please pray for his healing and recovery. The Lord cannot be outdone in generosity. Thank you!

  26. Eugenia fain

    I have a promise that god gave me and I am praying for god to manifest it in 2019

  27. Johnny

    I need some prayers. I really like this girl a lot but she doesn’t seem to understand she thinks I’m just gonna use her but I’m not like that I wanna have a future with her she’s all I think about I want her to be safe & stop going to parties & to stop smoking & drinking because she thinks that’s the way to forget things I also want her to stop talking bad about her she’s the most amazing women out there she’s beautiful, smart, outgoing, I just want her safe & to get through college with out second guessing herself

  28. Ricardo C Hernandez

    Please pray for for me. I have cancer and tumors in my brain that doctors won’t touch and can’t do surgery on.

  29. Bill

    Do you know of a priest sharing your views in the Trenton, NJ or Newtown, Pa area?

    Bill and Margaret

  30. m

    Please pray that my husband and the whole family be protected from all evil and enemies, especially from those who try to seduce us and control our family. Please expose their lies so that we may all live a holy life pleasing God only. In Jesus’ Name, through Blessed mother, for the honor of St. Joseph. Thank you.