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  1. Laura Petranek Arneson

    Please pray for my cousin Mary in Chicago. She is in her mid 60s and in February she had a cancerous growth removed from her shoulder. She left the hospital with oxygen, got fungal infections in her lungs, developed pneumonia and then found out her lungs can’t get rid of carbon dioxide. She has developed fractures of her ribs, upper and lower spine. She has a grape-sized cancer growth in her lungs now, and a something going on at the base of her skull which is affecting her ability to breathe. She is not a candidate for spine surgery, and medication can give some pain relief, but they cause more build-up of carbon dioxide and can lead to aspiration (inhaled food, saliva or stomach content into the lungs). The doctors say there is nothing they can do. Mary commented to her sister how she was shoveling snow this past January, and now she can’t do anything. Praying for spiritual and physical healing. All things are possible through God.

  2. Elizabeth

    Urgent prayer request for the salvation of a loved one who is Muslim. Please pray that Jesus reveals Himself to them and that they choose to follow Him. Please pray that the Lord will visit them in visions and dreams and for radical transformation. And that the love of Jesus pierces their heart. Thank you.

  3. Donna

    Prayers for a 4 month baby. His name is Jack. He has been sick with a respiratory virus. Not getting any better. Many tests are being taken to find out what’s wrong. Prayers needed for this dear baby to be healthy again.
    God Bless. and Thank you.

  4. Dana

    For Jodi, recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She survived breast cancer 16 years ago. Please pray for her healing in any way needed: physically, of course, but also spiritually. Please pray that Jodi and her family have all the graces that they need, and conversion as needed.

  5. Jennifer

    Please help me pray for salvation of Gene who is sexually & emotionally abusive w ALL the women in his life & is mentally & physically violent w ppl under him at work. I ask that the Holy Spirit convict him, not allowing Satan to condemn him (since shame & guilt cause more sin) but convict him until Gene repents & his heart turns from Satan to God as in Acts 26:18. I ask that the Lord fills Gene w the Holy Spirit according to Eph 3:18. With the Holy Spirit in his heart, he will be able to fulfill the 1 commandment Jesus said we have, which is to love God & our neighbors as ourselves. Deliverance/Salvation for Gene will not only prevent more victims of his abuse but also make him a living testimony of Gods mercy. In Jesus name amen.

  6. Susannah

    Please pray for the handmaiden of God, Janine, for strength and healing as she recovers from cancer surgery.

  7. Nicole Mary

    Please pray for my success in IELTS exam on 25/09/2021.
    Also please pray for my daughter Nicole as she is suffering from medicine resistant epilepsy for the last six years.

    Thanking you,
    Deepa, India

  8. Rita

    Please pray for my daughter Kristi’s marriage that her and her husband can reconcile their differences and stay together.

  9. Judy Andrade

    [8/4, 9:25 AM] Neha: Dear friend in Christ Jesus.Myself Judy ,I am feeling much better than before thank you for your prayers and support,do continue to pray for me.I want to be a living testimony. 🙏
    [8/4, 9:26 AM] Neha: 23) LordJesus Mama Mary let the new house be completed with less amount and let the work go on smoothly with out any trouble of Evil Spirits, blocks , bondages .Bless it to be completed at the earliest.Let the new house give us Joy, happiness peace when we stay in it.

  10. Jegatheesan

    Dear Father
    My daughter Gauthami is having her Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination on 11 September 2021. Kindly pray for her to get good marks.
    Thanking you

  11. Jg

    Please pray for a marriage partner for me

  12. Ann

    Please pray for my son Elijah for the successful chemoteraphy ,stem cell transplant and to be cancer free forever.

    For my dad full recovery from Parkinson’s disease

    Thank you

  13. Jane

    Please pray for Christianne, a six month old baby who has been ill and not thriving; also prayers for her family.

  14. Mary

    With tears I beg you to kindly pray for my nephew — a DRUG ADDICT. He was torchering his parents. He lost his father last year due to heart attack. He is torchering his mother. He is making her life miserable. Please pray for them. Thank you.

    1. emily

      Dear Mary,
      I pray that you can also learn that addiction is a disease with a complex biology rather than a simple choice. He is hurting and in pain, as many who are addicted are suffering greatly; and needs help from a professional. To focus on his ‘torturing’ others is to miss his own pain and suffering; it’s to miss his own personal torture. I will pray that your family can try to find him professional assistance, but addiction is a very difficult disease to fight, one that requires the addict to choose to want to heal. But this often begins with the love and acknowledgement of his pain by family members. And with his discovery of his purpose and journey that may hold him to this Earth so that he wants to live and survive. These are very painful experiences for the one who is addicted, as well as the family, but first and foremost must be love, compassion, and professional help. Wishing you all the best.

  15. CHRIS

    For conversion of my son Josh and step daughter Jessica and their significant others. For Rachel.. marriage. For a home sale quickly. For secure employment. For reconconciliation with my sister. I too am also fearful of the government forcing the vaccine. I am a nurse and fear to lose my job and child. Please pray!

  16. Anna C

    Kindly pray for my daughter who works in film industry and has worked very hard for years to get to the great position she has now. Last week all the various unions, guilds and associations voted to allow the production companies to mandate the vaccinations of all who work on their properties and productions. She had Covid last year and has had natural antibodies. However she says she’s heard no exceptions are allowed. We’re very frightened for her to get the shot. And now my own doctors and insurance company are trying to convince me to get it too using the guilt approach . I am holding out as long as I can but I am frightened the coercion is just going to get worse. I am so anxious about it all that I am beginning to feel physically ill from fear. Please pray for me and my daughter who is all I have in this world.

  17. Kevin Conway

    Jesus Blessed Mother and Joseph. You know our needs let me then just thank you for this life for my wife and four children for our relations we pray are with You Lord. I surrender all to you. Whatever time we have here please let it be in praise and worship no fear just peace knowing you are all with us. Thank you Jesus for the gift of your mother in these times. Give me wisdom to help my family practically and leave all to you. Amen

  18. Nina

    Prayer for our broken family

  19. Maria

    Please pray for my children to return to the Catholic faith
    Healing for my daughter who has addiction. mental issues. legal issues
    Thank you

  20. maria g. lopez C.

    i put speciall prayers for me and my kids
    and the healing of my mother

  21. John Stanel

    pray for my friend who recently died Yoko Kaizuka she recently died not knowing our Lord. please pray that God would deliver her from purgatory and would save and deliver her soul to heaven your prayers for my friend’s salvation and forgiveness are desperately wanted and greatly appreciated

  22. Laura

    Please pray for my broken family. I am asking the Lord to help Pete and I reconcile. He is such a good man, but depression and fear have stolen him from us. I pray God will heal his heart and mind and guide him back home.

  23. Cathy Scavelli

    Please pray for my son, Greg, who will be having an endoscopy tomorrow morning. He has been in a great deal of pain since last week.
    Thank you and God Bless You.

  24. Anon

    Please urgently pray for the relationship of AW & TG & children that God will urgently send his divine intervention to heal their relationship & bring them together again. Amen its really urgent.

  25. Marianne M. Martin

    Please pray for Regis R. Martin, Marianne M. Martin, Lisa M. Martin, our “Family” & all of my (Marianne M. Martin’s) Intentions; Mother Take Care of each/us, our lives & Jesus Take Over;

    Prayers also for The USA & for The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church/Catholic Church Teachings & each be/is as Lord God Jesus Christ Actually Wills; Conversion of Sinners & Eternal Salvation of Souls; Holy Souls in Purgatory;

    all that/whom/which I ever have/am/will ever pray for &/or name, make, place (or not), intend, intend to include/includes/included (or not) for/in any Prayer &/or Mass Request(s), Petition(s) &/or Intention(s);

    Please pray for us , as much needs God’s Graces Mercy Love , Protection, Special Divine Providence & Healing