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  1. a

    please please pray for good people to adopt the dog whose owner moved and didnt to take his dog with. Pray for her to get a home very soon! Thanks

  2. Marian

    Please pray for immediate and total healing for Florence, who, we believe has suffered a stroke. She is suddenly unable to walk and is having much difficulty talking. We ask for The Lord’s powerful intervention in the Holy Name of Jesus for her. Thank you for praying during this urgent time of need. God Bless all of you.

  3. Mindy A

    Please pray for my family. Blessings upon my daughters too.. please pray for my small business and for my husband’s job .

  4. nn j

    please pray for Damianus aditya christie and myself. I have been waiting for reconciliation and to forgive each other, peaces for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 4 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, I come with a broken heart, please pity me Father, please soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart, i know that prayer is a powerful thing. only God can change people’s hearts.

  5. brenda morris

    please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that i find my wallet also that i sell all the furniture in the house also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own

    1. Jim Dvorak

      You are loved totally and completely by our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Keep total Faith and trust in Him. He will answer your prayers.
      I have included you and your particular needs in my daily rosary and have placed you under the protective care of our Blessed Mother Mary.

  6. Eric Cymbalak

    I’m currently in a conflict with my former landlord. Unfortunately we have to go to court in order to get our security deposit back. The landlord has been engaged in intimidation tactics as well as defamation. He has a violent history. Please pray for our victory and protection.


    We need urgent prayers for healing for myself 33yrs, my wife 27yrs, and daughter 6months, we are afflicted with staphylococcus aureus bacterial infection which has caused us much agony and pains ànd we are presently suffering the following ailments namely waist pains, body pains, stomach ulcers, nervous disorders, partial blindness, partial deafness, joint pains, migraine, fever, skin rashes, mental illnesses, loss of memory, paralysis, hypertension, depression, diabetes, constant headache, joint pains, etc as a result of this infection which has lasted for years. Medical doctors confirmed the infection is a stubborn type having defied medical treatments, as it is now, we need the healing hand of God through your prayers. Its has really affected us negatively and has caused us untold hardship and pains for over 10 years now, especially me. Please pray for our total healing and deliverance and we shall send our testimony to you to glorify God. Most times I have contemplated family suicide because my progress at work has been affected. Please help us in prayers for divine healing because we are desperate for Gods divine intervention. We are believers of Christ and trust God for a family miracle and deliverance soon as you pray for us. We want to be healthy and alive to serve God fervently. We have faith that God will use your prayers to heal and deliver us from our afflictions.

  8. Laura

    I pray to be surrounded with people that love me from all times from now into the future so my wounds can be healed.

  9. Hrvoje Ljubičić

    pray for Snježana.
    She s pregnant.
    That everything would be good with she and baby.
    That she give birth well and that she and child are healthy and good in Jesus name i pray.
    And please pray for my family and me and our protection
    Thank You Lord .
    Thank you all

  10. Cheryle

    Please help Shirantha to commit to my daughter and their kids. Help him to stop listening to all the negative influences and the bad information from his Uncle Leonard, Vickie, Polina, his mother Susila and the other Sri Lankans. For him to see clearly what is important in life and to make my daughter and the kids his top priority. For him to find a career path that is right for the whole family. For Shirantha to stop playing dictator and realize that their relationship is a partnership that requires him to communicate and give Alisha security through the bonding of marriage, faith, and commitment. For Shirantha to see the truth behind his mother’s negative and manipulative behavior and intent, and for him to set firm boundaries for her so that she can no longer interfere in their relationship. For Shirantha to realize that his home is with Alisha and their children. For Shirantha to remember his love for Alisha and their children and to treat them like the gift that God has given him. Amen.

  11. Rob

    For the repose of the souls of Chris and Sharon.

  12. Amy

    Please pray for God to keep my son safe and to protect him from a very dangerous situation. Also that he will not ever be forced to leave school or to leave home, that he will be allowed to stay in school and finish school, and to remain at his home, and that God will send angels to help him. Also that God will give him wisdom in dealing with this situation, and will draw him close to him.

  13. Cheryle G.

    Please guide me and help me find a solution for my daughter’s situation. Please keep her and her children safe. Help Shirantha to open his heart and not follow through on his rash and impulsive ideas. Open his heart so that he can find and accept God. Please put a containment barrier around all of the negativity, show them God’s light and love but allow no harm to me or my family. Please heal my arthritis so I can move and walk again without the severe chronic pain and help me find self-discipline to lose my excess weight. Protect me, my family and my animals from all of the negativity attacking us right now. It is affecting our home life, work life and our health. Please help Tayah with her health, help Joe get a good job and help Charity and her dogs find a place to live and please help Charity to find a job and her way back to God. Please help me find a good loving home for Coco. Please give us the courage and strength and clarity to find the right solution, your solution. Amen

  14. vijay pasch

    Vijay Pasch
    12:59 PM (6 minutes ago)
    to knights

    Dear Father, I’m VIJAY PASCH since
    from my childhood, I have come
    > up only from painful memories of my life,
    my father nor mother didn’t
    > show love on me,but tortured me, in every
    way, my parents loved only my younger
    brothers because they were
    fair, i was black in colour,since i was very
    young i used cry in agony
    seeing the passing clouds above thinking will
    any body really love
    me,some times even people also did not like
    me l think it should be
    because of my appearance my mother was
    very bad
    > woman. now I’m 41 yrs I last my parents,
    Dear Father,for several years
    > I suffered with out a suitable job,for many
    years, financial
    > breakthrough, no peace of mind, due to
    depression I became a chain
    > smoker, recently in the month of may a
    swelling occurred in my left
    > side of my throat, Doctors advised for
    thyroid scan,results proved the
    > left Submandibular gland appears to be
    enlarged, due to glandular
    > inflammation, cervical group of lymph
    nodes, Dear Father now I’m
    > deeply troubled and worried, thinking it
    might be some cancer or any
    > other incurable diseases, the swelling
    remains for 3 days and
    > disappears, and again on 5th day it bulges
    out, it’s painful. Dear
    > Father I have 2 children to take care even
    my children fall ill every often,my wife
    is also suffers from
    > wheezing problems, Dear Father I’m a
    sinner, I never did what GOD
    > required. but did what SATAN wants,always
    I had lot of
    enemies because for being good. I don’t know
    I’m not worthy, but I
    > humbly ask you all to pray,only my personal
    prayer alone is not
    > enough, I seek intercession of others,who
    have the gift of healing,
    > because GOD has given some, the gift of
    healing. Dear Father,I kindly
    > request to you all to pray for me daily, that I
    should be completely
    > healed. please reply Dear Father THANKS

  15. Timea

    Please pray for me to get a good job!

  16. Jegatheesan

    Thanks. I want to settle in my native place in a house of my own. My half-sister who had usurped my family property by dubious means with assistance of my father is refusing to give me my share of the earth. Please impress upon them to give me my share of the family property especially the required land for the construction of a house. Thanks to Mother Mary for Her intercession on my behalf.

  17. Philip

    Please help me pray to save my marriage. My wife Leah left 11 months ago and she is limiting communication. And my family business & home are going through a lot of financial turmoil. I ask to cancel any evil affecting me or my family now and forever. I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to help me and my family with grace and blessings. Amen! Thank you and May God Bless your work and grant your prayers!

  18. Amy

    My son is in a very dangerous situation. Please pray for God to keep him safe and protect him. Also that he will not ever be forced to leave school or to leave home, that he will be allowed to stay in school and finish school, and to remain at his home, and that God will send angels to help him. Also that God will give him wisdom in dealing with this situation, and will draw him close to him.

  19. Madeleine Vinluan

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines and I would like to seek your prayer assistance to obtain God’s most merciful response to all my spiritual and temporal petitions. Please pray especially for my family’s most urgent cries for health and financial help. And please include the Intentions of Jesus, Mary and Joseph that they carry at Holy Mass. Thank you very much and may God be generous to all of you, too, and keep you forever safe in body and soul. Good Xmas tidings to every one of you there!

  20. Marion

    Please pray for me to recover from a broken relationship/friendship and to be healed of all the hurt and pain I feel that my friend has such a hardened heart that he has stopped communicating/talking to me and while I am waiting giving him the time that he requested it is killing me that he can be so inconsiderate considering he was jilted 2 years back and has gone through so much pain and pining for the person who jilted him. For a strong person like me I am totally shattered, heartbroken and distraught.

  21. Anu chacko

    Stop divorce and save my marriage
    Dear mother mary… My name is Anu chacko from reques to stop divorce and save husband name Vinod (David).after marriage we lived only 3 months then seperated.i will try to contact personaly talk to confess my sins but the respond is very angry and use hurtful words dnt here anything from my side.His mother name Annamma and sister name Deep Fully supported the divorece they cant acecpt me as a his wife…his final decision is taken the sister in law so i cant do anything. .. Now he signed all papers i have give 9 days only to sign the papers …i dnt know what i do? Mother plz help me to change my partners mind,attitiudes,remove all negative emotions,and character and give a new loveable and kind heart to him..humbly i request to restore our marriage and protcet my husband from all evil spirits……give a new family life with him Amen
    അനു ചാക്കോ

    അനു ചാക്കോ

  22. Emil

    Please pray that Victoria and I have a long fruitful marriage and that our child she is carrying be healthy.

  23. Jiji

    With a broken heart I’m writing this. I am working in Dubai. After my delivery my left breast got infected. I’m scared it may turn into any other disease. I’m having 2 boys. Younger boy is 90 days old. Please pray for me. I’m very sure God will do miracle in my life through your prayer. In the name of Jesus… Amen

  24. Hilary

    Pray for my daughter who has allowed the demons of her past to lure her away from faith and family. Please beg Padre Pio to intervene and restore our beloved child to her family. She has fallen and welcomed grave sin into her life and endangered her small children. Please pray for the conversion of all involved.

  25. Alicia

    Pls pray for the ff:alicia sanchez,for healing of kidneys,lungs,body pain and all illneśs.For her to goTo canada.for the Sanchez family to solve property problem.For the intentions of Rizal Advincula,healing of all illness,lungs,kidney,heart,all illness and body pain.Solutions to his financial,spiritual,health and work problem.For the healing,of danilo,alicia,rizal,all sick relatives.For the soul of anastacio,amparo,ramon,mgadalena,letecia,alan sr all souls in purgatory.thank u,God bless