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  1. Mary Beth

    Please pray for my daughter Bridget who will soon be returning to school to finish her college program. She is disabled and it is hard for her to concentrate. She also suffers from depression. Please pray too that she will find a good job when she finishes school.

  2. baptiste

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    – I pray to find a job, restore my marriage, regain sleep, regain health and find divine wisdom! I pray to find accommodation and a job, be blessed!

  3. James

    Please pray that I grow in holiness and virtue and that I become a great Saint!

  4. Letitia M Roddy

    Pray for the safety of our newly elected President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who are in grave danger. Pray that the Prince of Lies will be conquered and that the truth will be triumphant. Pray that our Constitution and our Democracy will be preserved, and there will be no more loss of life.

  5. Estrella

    Good day. Please pray for my father, Ramon “Chito” Borromeo Sr. , 80 years old. He finds discomfort on HIS LUNGS AND THROAT DUE TO A TERRIBLE PHLEGM that able to breath him hardly and moved and eat. . Please take out his phlegm in his body Lord. He has a cardio pulmonary disease .. please clear his throat and lungs to any more diseases that will cause him to have a hard breathing. Please stop his cough and phlegm for him to find comfort. Please have him walk eat take a bath and HAVE A GOOD SLEEP AT NIGHT as he barely slept at night. He got Prostate and diabetic too. Please make him sleep at night.Please spare him on Covid. please live him longer with us in Jesus name. PLEASE I BEG FOR HIGH PRAYERS FOR MY FATHER. Amen. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FATHER PLEASE. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS)

  6. Andy

    “Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers!
    Also… I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries… marriage with Rosa (newly weds)! Reconciliation with my daughters. And a good relationship with my Ex.
    Dyna that she would be on fire for God! Thank you very much for the prayers… amen… blessings to you!… Andy”

  7. Veronica

    Please pray for a miracle for my dad. Primarily for his brain to be healed & recovered, all the cancer cells cast out of his body and to be brought to consciousness. Also for his lungs and kidneys to be healed.

    My dad, Tom B, has been in a coma for 2 months after suffering 2 strokes due to a bleed from surgery to remove a grade 4 cancerous brain tumour. The average lifespan for someone with this cancer is 2 years, surgery doesn’t cure it, just buys some time. Chemo cant start until he wakes and is off dialysis, and chemo’s been delayed 2 months, we will wait for him to wake but the cancer wont. His brain may also be degenerating, which is catastrophic…. If he wakes he’ll have disabilities from the stroke but we don’t care, so long as he can grow old and share all the experiences he is meant to with us.

    My dad is the most beautiful soul I have ever met. So kind, compassionate, strong, with an infinite capacity for love, so intelligent, wise, adventurous, optimistic, selfless, giving and so humble. He is the centre to so many lives and has the most incredible ability to spread light to those around him, it just draws people in. He can relate to anyone, treats all people with an open mind, love and respect. He has a way of making every problem seem small, and will be there to support you always. He can fill a room with such joy and laughter that you can forget all your worries. Before the surgery, my dad said he wanted to spend his time doing good. He wants to help those who cant help themselves and make up for some support and love he feels he failed to give. He deserves a second chance to do that.

    I dont ask for these prayers for myself, but for my dad, who lays alone, unable to move, speak or reach out to those he loves, while he feels heartbroken, depressed and scared for his life and his family.

    We ask for no prayers for ourselves. Many ask God to give us peace and joy but this cant until he is happy, healthy and home. Thank you so much

  8. Chris

    I pray for freedom of religion, life and all our cherished freedoms we enjoy under the Constitution. I also pray for conversion of so many in our country, safety, the police, our leaders to make good decisions for the common good. Thank you for prayers regarding the above, as well as, health and conversion of my family. You are also in my prayers for your intentions.

  9. Anne

    I pray herberts wounds on his forehead are healed soon and he never falls again on my time I pray Joseph’s back is healed from pain and he is able to walk well soon, for fulltime work for myself for a second job close by soon I pray antoinieta, Florence Josephs l, antoinietas, Brian’s knees and body are not in pain , get well and they are able to walk well soon and don’t fall down I pray Malcolm gets a good paying job close by soon, Healing for Brian antoinieta Joseph myself Desmond, Carlos , Florence Barbara George I pray my family and I don’t get this virus or other diseases I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back safely immediately to me Anne forever I pray he gets another trip soon I pray he doesn’t have problems with immigration and is safe as his papers are in process I pray for the blessing of a child between me Anne and Carlos through natural means and I carry it full term as I lost it earlier I pray Carlos never goes back to the affair with Marcela again I pray social services puts Marcela’s son in foster care as she is not caring for him I pray Marcela doesn’t want Carlos again and cuts him off completely l pray Carlos and his family fix the house soon and do a good job I pray Desmond gets his house out of foreclosure soon does well in his business pays bills on time he sells the property I get my money back soon , that he gets new tenants and the tenants who are giving trouble move out soon I pray I get my resident card soon without difficulty and soon I pray I am able to buy a cheap place soon I pray Brian does well in his business pays bills on time I pray Malcolm Michelle mabel myself have fulltime work pay bills on time for all needs of our family

  10. Renata

    Please pray for Michael, who may have a brain tumor (awaiting diagnosis for symptoms). He is so young and yet has suffered so much already with his wife’s cancer, her inability to have children, and so much more, yet he continues to be faithful and love God so much. He has so very much on his plate already! Please God, if it is your will, may these symptoms not be the sign of anything serious, and may he get the new job he is waiting to hear from.

  11. Norma

    Please pray for our family: Louis, Norma, Louie, THALIA

  12. Debbie Scherrer

    God’s provision for repair or replacement of Amber’s car.

    Wisdom and protection for Cheyenne, her five children (ages 2 to 11) and siblings Mariah and Arissa; ages 17 and 19; as Cheyenne plans a hasty move from Milwaukee to Florida next week…

    Thank you and God bless you.

  13. Adrian Jeffery

    I, adrain jeffery ask humbly for prayer for healing from severe panic and anxiety attacks, and the terrible physical symptoms affecting me from them.

  14. Szidonia

    I got into a fight with my friends 1 week ago. One thing has hurt a long time. I wrote on behalf of my father a few times. Many have hurt me, and many times I couldn’t solve it, but my dad did. I got a nervous breakdown 1 week ago and wrote on behalf of my dad, and it turned out. Because of this, my best friend was angry, and because of that, my condition worsened. I took reckless steps and lost more and more of my friends. I’ve regretted everything ever since. Pray for me to be reconciled to Alexa, Vanessa, Agnes, Virag and Tamara, and they will be reconciled to me.

  15. Sue

    Please pray for my son and his family. I pray for his conversion. He has totally turned his back on God and claims to be atheist. He has two little boys, 4 and 5, who I am trying to teach about Jesus and the Catholic Church. My son negates what I say, but the little ones are praying for daddy to believe. God Bless everyone in this prayer chain.

  16. Debbie Scherrer

    PLEASE JOIN ME IN PRAYER FOR MARY K. AND PETER G.: each fighting side effects of COVID.
    Thank you.
    God bless you and your ministry.

  17. baptiste

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    – I would like prayers to find a job, have money, restore my marriage, regain health and be a good Christian. I pray to find my service in a church and to do God’s will ! Be blessed !

  18. Barb

    Please pray for complete healing for my dear family member who has a very rare form of cancer–a type of leukemia. There is no cure for this cancer. There is a reconciliation after almost 12 years of no contact–I am so very grateful for this.
    Thank you.

  19. Elizabeth

    Pray for 3 yr old Sophia, my grand-daughter and her 30 yr old mother, Claire, my daughter. Pray for God’s loving protection, light, wisdom, safety, salvation, and health. They left home on 11.9.20, no one has heard nor seen them since, they are missing. Pray for their safe return back to our family. Pray that Claire seeks God for guidance to safety, reconciliation and family bonding. Claire left home (with her young child) with no job, little money, emotionally distraught with a history of doing drugs, and no destination. Pray that she accepts Jesus as the way and journey for her life. May angels watch over them, guiding them both quickly and safely home to family and to God. Thank you for your prayers.

  20. Sandra

    Dear Fr Richard,

    I would be so grateful for your prayers:

    For healing for Raymond, Kristian and Mathew,
    For Raymond to pass his final exams first time,
    For healing of Sandra,
    For conversion of my family,
    Thanksgiving to our King Jesus.

  21. baptiste

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    – I would like prayers to find a job, have money, restore my marriage, regain health and be a good Christian. I pray to find my service in a church ! Be blessed !

  22. Simone

    Prayer request for my marriage ( Simone and Aldair ) and for my Family.
    Prayer request for Paulo Roberto

  23. Michael Guadagnoli

    Please pray for the healing of cancer and successful surgery on November 30th for Michael J. Guadagnoli

  24. Alfred

    “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please smile on Eric. Please help him to see and experience your great love for him. Please help and inspire Eric’s heart. Please encourage faith and in all your promises. Sacred Heart of Jesus, God is good. Please help Eric to partake the goodness of God. Sacred Heat of Jesus, God is love. Please help Eric to know God’s love! Please give Eric the grace of conversion and salvation. Please walk with Eric now and always…Amen”

  25. Thea

    I pray that I finally change from the inside out. I pray I finally change for the better in nearly every aspect of my life. I pray I finally grow up, take responsibility for my life and become the adult both me and my parents can be proud of. I pray I finally reestablish a good relationship with my mom soon. I pray I finally lose weight, get into better shape and reverse the diabetes. I pray something wonderful happens today. I pray I am ok today. I pray my health insurance plan covers almost all of my health expenses. I pray great miracles happen soon. I pray great events happen soon. I pray something wonderful happens today. I pray I am ok today. I pray I am ok through this quarantine period. I pray this weekend is a nice weekend for me and my family. I pray I continue to do well in my job and I am successful. I pray for a new full time legal job with great pay and good people and benefits. I pray good things happen both personally and professionally. I pray I finally meet someone special who can share their light and love and show me a new perspective. I pray I finally take dance classes within the next few months. I pray miracles happen soon. I pray I finally save enough money in my account so I can move out and live independently. I pray wonderful things happen soon.

  26. Marin Viorel

    Please pray for my complete healing, i have aches and pains from head to toe.

  27. Stephanie Klatt

    Hi Fr. Heilman, Please pray that justice be done in our nation, that the situation in Wisconsin, with the elections be turned around swiftly by God. Thank you. Stephanie

  28. LLOYD


  29. Laurie

    Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please always bless Josh and Lauren
    with Holy, Healing, Heavenly, Miraculous, Divine wonderful blessings
    all the days of their lives. Please let Josh and Lauren’s wedding
    date of September 25, 2021 be blessed with beautiful, sunny weather,
    good health, protection, safety, happy joyful guests, happiness, wonderful
    memories, happy hearts, kindness, oceans of Holy joy. Please dearest
    JESUS please let Josh and Lauren’s wedding day be beautiful and wonderful
    and so completely blessed. Please dearest JESUS please bless Josh and
    Lauren with marital joy, peace, love, good health, safety, protection,
    kindness that lasts forever. Please dearest JESUS please bless Josh
    and Lauren with Holy, healthy, happy children who Josh and Lauren will
    bring up in the faith of you Most Sacred Heart of JESUS. Please dearest
    JESUS please bless Josh and Lauren with Holy, healthy, happy children
    who will bring Josh and Lauren oceans of so much joy and love and who
    Josh and Lauren will cherish and bring oceans of so much joy and love.
    Please my Sacred Heart of JESUS, please always bless Josh and Lauren
    with all of your good, generous, loving, kind, wonderful Holy, Heavenly,
    Healing, Divine, Miraculous blessings forever and ever. Holy Mary Mother
    of GOD please pray for us always. St. Anthony please pray for us always.
    St. Robert Bellarmine please pray for us always. Most Sacred Heart
    of JESUS thank you. My JESUS I love you. My JESUS I trust in you. Thank
    you everyone for all of your prayers. GOD bless you always.