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  1. anne

    pray for fulltime work soon, that i get a second job at the hospital, assisted living facility soon, i pray for healing for brian, myself, all at home i pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me anne and our family forever & gets out of the illicit affair with marcela forever & Carlos is set free from bondage of her ,that he realizes she controls him & he stops listening to the evil she tells him about us, healing for brian & all at home,i pray the insurance guy sends my refund soon, that desmond does well in his business,able to pay the bills on time, that he doesnt loose his house, that the lawyers stop taking huge amounts of money from him and that they file the right papers to save his house, that he fixes it too, that brian comes here soon, that i get my residence soon, that mabel, max study well, malcolm, michelle, mabel, myself do well at our jobs that my boss likes my work too, for all needs

  2. Kevin Arbolado

    My mother, Edita Pielago, is in the Intensive care unit of a hospital right now here in Philippines. She has diabetis and damage kidney, sepsis, brain and heart problem. Together, help me lift my mother to Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Through the intercesion of St. Rita and St. Augustine

  3. Tim

    I have severe depression. No job. No future. Feeling suicidal. Play pray for me