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  1. Kathryn

    Praying for full restoration and healing from trauma resulting from 2 decades of demonic oppression.

  2. Julian Fernandes

    Thanks for My safe comfortable return ticket back home without encountering obstruction, amen.
    Pray visit to daughter Asmitha be fruitful, humble, prayerful gets blest permanent safe job career, harmonious relationship, holy life marriage partner, gets healed ovaries, bleeding. Thank you Jesus for her success driving test license, grant her buy reasonable cost good vehicle, safe driving. Peace as present rental resident keeper, next door giving hard time thru owner Janet. Pray she is blest with a permanent job elsewhere as she was denied it in the current organization 6 years with an inexperienced newly appointed person without any experience when she surpassed in every respect of expertise.
    Pray she also obtains reasonable affordable self owned peaceful 2 bedroom home, sans defects, damages, leaks, nearby church, properly furnished within available finance sources, loan facility, sans setback , obstacles. able to cook, meals, breakfast protected and safe from all directions. Bless all her undertakings. Amen.
    Pray healing of my terrible painful mysterious skin rashes, tiny blobs, diabetes, ear block cholesterol, in Jesus name I pray.
    Please pray for Long time horrifying, dangerous 40 years age long time jobless son alroyd abandoned catholic faith, married Moslem shaista thro her mother Zubeda, Christian Gladys pinto, against family wishes, renamed Mohammad, (date birth changed by aveena’s bro Alex) with 3 dghters, 2 yr. son, house breaking, stealing, sending police my home false accusations, now pauper, filed false court cases on me thro chr. adv. Sheila Caeiro, Agnella misguided him, janet, others, threats removal Ashmita job, extradition, tearing us to tears making lives nightmare hell, constant fear miserable hell, nonstop WhatsUp blackmailing me and Asmitha. May Almighty in Jesus Christ, deliver him and family from all evils and bless them all undertakings, jobs, career, return to Jesus Christ, amen.
    Pray he safely withdraws court cases, lives honestly, responsibly, entire Moslem family members delivered from Islam, surrender to Jesus Christ, attend holy mass, Confession, accept all legal dues honestly, blest with peace, live God fearing lives in Jesus name, I pray.

    Forgiveness sins to Lt. rebellious wife Aveena and parents Fausta, Assumption, cursings, abortions, unhealthy relations, abandoned family, lent monies secretly, got cheated, left family bankrupt, died in shock for Alroyd, with support Gladys Pinto, Agnela, Janet, Kundu, Minoo, Mathilda, Imran families, That Aveena, Fausta, Assumption Martins be forgiven be in heavenly paradise, amen.
    That all of us, including Alroyd turn humble, return to Jesus Christ, be delivered from Aveena curses “you will never do good in life”, demand divorce, maintenance, affecting daughter Asmita, Alroyd, myself, that I lose job, have cancer, TB. That we be delivered from curses, healed, blest in Jesus name I pray.
    That Goa builders Altab, Allauddin, lawyers dont usurp, but honestly proceeds, peacefully of my small land piece long ago in exchange full payment equally to Asmitha, alroyd, myself, In Jesus name.

    Repentance, forgiveness of sis Josephine to late hubby Patrick, parents, in-laws, healing of Parkinson, deliverance to her rebellious lazy son Linus, daughter Lourdes, both long jobless, Linus seriously stop stupid watsups, recite rosary, attend morning holy mass, visit blessed sacrament, be responsible, diligent job search, blest with jobs, in Jesus name.

    Deliverance, healing of jobless, alcholic Alfred fits, diabetes, stealing drinking habits, blest with church activities, good friends, healing of wife Apoline vertigo, protected, job safety, travel, son joyal fares well school due failure exams negligence studies, dat he sincerely devotes study accounts, economics, Healing of neighbor Anthony, 2 daughters to care.

    Thanks to our residence, Ave Maria, delivered of evils, dictatorial attitude Hanif, Sherry, Ronaldo, Paul, harassments previous Committee, new Committee peaceful members of 7 years fraud,

    Yet another residence Hemraj, Ramdevji taken over Hindu fanatics, sachin badriya, kharwa shikshan, harassing negligent to Christians, intention to evict us, usurp our homes. Pray that we be delivered from threats, criminal negligence repairs, endangering life, limbs, misuse funds taken from charitable institutions in our names, after myself, below tenant reminders dat floor between us may give way, collapse, seriously injure, kill us, giving deaf ears expecting to happen, usurp our homes, that we are protected, in Jesus name pray.
    Deliverance protection of India Christians harassment by fanatic bjp Hindu attacks damaging our churches, statues, even burial cemeteries being taken over, tacit silence inaction bringing task punitive offenders nelson eye by politicians PM, govt Jesus name we pray Amen.

  3. Shashini Chameli Kumari Dehideniya

    Hello, I’m Chameli from Sri Lanka. I’m a girl and 23 years old. Finally, my mental illness is correctly diagnosed and doctor said to do ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) treatment. But, my family is going through a serious financial hardship. We need a financial miracle right now, to heal my mental illness, to pay our debts and to live a better life. My mental illness is Borderline Personality Disorder + Recurrent Depressive Disorder = Psychotic Depression. It was developed as a result of chidhood traumas and a series of bad painful events until now. Please pray for me to solve our financial problem and to have my ECT treatment properly, ASAP. Please pray for my healing. My full name is Shashini Chameli Kumari Dehideniya. Thank you and God bless you!