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  1. Nika Nika

    Please may you pray for my mother Maria for her health, she will go to doctor in this week,thank you!

  2. Valentine Judy Andrade

    LordJesus Mama Mary all saints and angels intercede for Valentine’s family, healNehas Nikitaseyes and uterus heal them completely from PCOS problem, heal Judy from cancer, depression anxietyphobiapanic attacks phobia insomnia, healing from ligament tear of upper left arm, heal Vellu from liver problems.

  3. M

    Pray that our former employee is removed from my husband’s life and that he comes home to me and our 2 year old daughter.

  4. Kimberly

    God, I ask you to intercept & your miracles in my life to restore, heal, & bring back my marriage to Jim & for his infidelity & all contact with the other girl will cease forever & to bring him home devoted & repentant to me today. in Jesus name.

  5. Oberdan pegoraro

    My Brother Rudimar Pegoraro was diagnosed with a tumor in his pancreas. He’s still waiting for his health care plan to authorize the biopsy procedure. Two years ago he had his leg amputated due to complications in a diabetic ulcer in his feet. God only knows how he’s feeling.
    I ask you to pray for his cure.
    Thank you in advance and God bless you.

  6. Steven

    Please pray that I may find a good Catholic spouse

  7. Veronika n Veronika

    Please may you pray for my father Victor. He had a computed tomography, can you please pray that there wouldn’t be cancer or metastases. That computed tomography be clean. I am very worried, thank you very much!