Prayer Requests

Please use the comments section below to post your prayer intentions. Keep in mind that this will be publicly visible, so only share details that you are comfortable with others seeing.

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  1. Julia

    I’ve been praying the mass with you online for about a year. Did 2 rosarys coast to coast and just finished Freedom to Reign for Lent. thanks for the great inspired work you do , have now learned I have a problem with my abdomen. Please pray for me.

  2. Barbara

    Please pray for a miricle to heal my broken heart

  3. Amy

    Prayers for my son, whose birthday is today, for his conversion, an improvement in his mental health, and that he will begin to speak to me again. Also, prayers for Fr. Dana Christensen, who has been afflicted with ALS, that he may have a quick, complete, and lasting healing of this devastating disease.

  4. Colette

    Prayers for my friend, Dennis. He will be in Stanford for cancer surgery April 29.
    Thank you and God bless.

  5. Cathy

    Prayers for my daughter Rebecca that God will send her a good man to marry very soon. She is becoming very discouraged.

  6. Claudia

    Prayers for a return to hearing, and continued learning, about holy scripture from the pulpit.

  7. Barb Maine

    Dear Fr. Heilman & PARISHONERS:
    Please pray daily for the “TRIUMPH of the IMMACULATE HEART of MARY all over the world.” & “Pray for all families to know, love and serve GOD.”
    (I too pray for this each day.)
    Thank you for all your prayers and your sacrifices!

  8. Ron Gamache

    Father, I’ve heard you mention a number of times, that one of the biggest problems facing Christians today is our loss of the sense of the Supernatural. Is there a DVD or CD that you would recommend, that addresses this issue? My parish is looking for a way to bring the Reality of the Holy Spirit alive for our members, as we approach Pentecost. Thank you.

  9. Lori

    Prayers for Ellyce Patricia and all those struggling in this life. 💞

  10. Kyli

    Hello and thank you for praying! Please pray that the Lord blesses my friend JP, with multiple job offers which have a higher salary and better career possibilities than his current job in Chicago. Please pray that he realizes that living his current life in Chicago has not been good for his lifestyle, character, and he’s developed a lot of negative vices that he must change to be a happy, fulfilled, Christian. Please pray that he meets many wonderful, sincere Christians in California and he is impressed by the Holy Spirit. Thank you and have a blessed week!

  11. Sean

    Father, I cheated. I wanted to reach you for the purpose of thanking you for your work at the altar and in your homilies but also among the Grace Force, I would hope that every priest would experience your zeal. My intention here is to say “thank you” but … while I am here will mention that my “ex-wife” (annulled) has serious mental illness and I have raised our three children alone. It has been all but “impossible” but I know to TRUST! Please pray that I, a man who wants to do the Good Lord’s Will but has no support at this time, will remain strong and that my prayers and sacrifices will have the effect on my children for which I pray. Thank you for your ministry and work, I among others, appreciate it, May the Good Lord bless us all, Sean

  12. David

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    We pray:

    • For Eden to seek peace and pursue it, and share her peace with everyone
    • For her to spend time in nature and by the ocean to restore her vitality
    • For her to forgive everyone
    • For her to accept her past
    • For her to enhance her psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and physical well-being

    In Jesus name we pray,

  13. Mia R

    Hello to Fr Heilman & the parish @ St Mary of P Bluff….my name is Mia & I’m watching via you tube from Canada everyday…Thank you for everything you do & 4 providing/ keeping the true RC faith especially in keeping with tradition….it’s very difficult where I live to get to a Latin mass or even the Novus Ordo mass right now as the lockdown in Ontario includes all parishes…I’m grateful to at least attend a church close by where I can sit in front of the blessed sacrament and have a Holy Hour with Our Lord…Pls keep all our family,friends & relatives deceased & living of the Rutigliano & Manchisi families in your prayers…. especially my nephews Robert & Michael Rutigliano who believe in God but don’t practice their faith…
    and for my twin nephews JACOBE & Jordano Rutigliano who strongly state they are atheists
    & being around them can be very challenging as their aunt, especially because one of the twins now lives with me. And pls pray for my father Giacomo Rutigliano Who went 2b with the Lord 6 months ago & my mother Donata Rutigliano Who suffers with pain; physically,emotionally & spiritually. Thank you & God love you

  14. Julia F.

    We have been notified, many WI citizens, that our individual county boards will be taking up voting to pass local-issued mask and vaccine mandates. Essentially allocating the local health departments to require and enforce vaccines. I received a response from a local YMCA director that she is under great pressure from local hospitals (including Catholic ones) to enforce masking but also stated that with masks, and vaccines we could “get back to normal”. The want to push us to get jabs to enter mainstream society, it seems.

    In our county, Manitowoc, it was announced yesterday evening that our meeting is Tuesday, Feb 9th at 6:30. This just hours after the mask repeal/reissue debacle. We each will only have 3 mins to voice our concerts and facts. This is where the prayers of our holy priests and others will help us Catholics make great use of those short 3 mins.

    Thank you!

  15. Judy Vacca

    My grandchildren have absolutely no relationship with God. It is so sad. Please pray for all our youth that they will know the love of Jesus.

  16. Rebecca Freek

    We need a miracle, Father;

    Glenn Tabata Update – 1.27.21

    Thank you for your continued caring and all the positive energy you are sending Glenn.

    As shared previously, Ulrika received an urgent phone call from the hospital early Friday morning. Glenn’s lung had collapsed, resulting in an emergency surgery. Ulrika was asked to come to the hospital immediately, as they thought Glenn would go into cardiac arrest. This did not happen. Ulrika was able to spend Friday morning with Glenn, watching his condition stabilize slightly.

    Glenn is receiving maximum support and the hospital is doing everything in their power for Glenn’s recovery.
    However, the medical team has prepared Ulrika, Annika and Jack for the worse-case scenario, advising that his organs can shut down at any time. Ulrika and the children were able to be with Glenn on Monday afternoon. This was likely a bittersweet visit for the family.  
    We continue to ask for miracles and healing powers for Glenn.
    We continue to ask for strength and energy for Ulrika, Annika and Jack as they are navigating difficult waters.  
    Thank you for your continued support and love for the whole Tabata family.

  17. Leah B.

    Dear God, I beg you to intervene on behalf of the United States of America with a ginormous miracle. Amen.

  18. John

    Please pray for those suffering from dishonest and delusional conspiracy theories. Pray for our pope, our president, and all who seek to build a better world.

  19. Maureen

    For the souls of our dearly departed grandparents, Edward and Loyola Leitelt.
    For the souls of our dearly departed uncle, Edward Leitelt
    and our dearly departed cousin Isaac Leitelt.
    Thank you.

  20. Allen and Judy Rogers

    For our son, Matt, who struggles with an infection due to a tooth removal where two roots were left in, unknown to the dentist. An implant was put in. Problems occurred. It was removed and a different one put in. Infection formed causing incredible pain. The two roots were finally discovered and removed. Still, one painful situation after another happened. He has suffered with distressful symptoms for over a year now, and still finds no relief. Thank you for your prayers.

  21. Rebecca Freek

    Desperate need of immediate prayer chain to pray for friend and colleague Glenn T who has been fighting Covid since Dec 24. He’s fighting for his life in hospital today after continued serious ups and downs and now surgery complications. Please Lord, hear our prayers, now.