Prayer Requests

Please use the comments section below to post your prayer intentions. Keep in mind that this will be publicly visible, so only share details that you are comfortable with others seeing.

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  1. Eugenia fain

    I have a promise that god gave me and I am praying for god to manifest it in 2019

  2. Johnny

    I need some prayers. I really like this girl a lot but she doesn’t seem to understand she thinks I’m just gonna use her but I’m not like that I wanna have a future with her she’s all I think about I want her to be safe & stop going to parties & to stop smoking & drinking because she thinks that’s the way to forget things I also want her to stop talking bad about her she’s the most amazing women out there she’s beautiful, smart, outgoing, I just want her safe & to get through college with out second guessing herself

  3. Ricardo C Hernandez

    Please pray for for me. I have cancer and tumors in my brain that doctors won’t touch and can’t do surgery on.

  4. Bill

    Do you know of a priest sharing your views in the Trenton, NJ or Newtown, Pa area?

    Bill and Margaret

  5. m

    Please pray that my husband and the whole family be protected from all evil and enemies, especially from those who try to seduce us and control our family. Please expose their lies so that we may all live a holy life pleasing God only. In Jesus’ Name, through Blessed mother, for the honor of St. Joseph. Thank you.