12 Things You Can Do to Open Your Home to Blessing

Does it seem like peace has evaporated from your home? Does it feel like a tormenting spirit is harassing you and your family? Maybe you are stumped as to why so many around you seem “on edge” and “negative” and “crabby” and “fault finding”? Maybe you are especially sensitive to spiritual realities, and things just feel “off” in your family?

Much of this can be attributed to the time of year … Winter seems long, at this time of year, and many of us are longing for more sunlight and warmth. Cabin fever can set in.

But, I do believe there is more to it. We’re seeing a real battle take place in the spiritual realm. Look at all of the “light being shone” on Hollywood decadence and government corruption. For a time, this decadence and corruption seemed to be just “accepted” as normal, but forces are at work to reclaim this surrendered ground. Many are standing up to say “No Mas!” (No More!). And, at the same time, the forces of death and darkness are not giving up without a fight. Are we witnessing the triumph of the Immaculate Heart at the end of Satan’s 100 year unbinding? In any case, there is an air of embattlement.

In recent decades, we have seen Satan engage the world as never before. In all of human history we have never witnessed evil promoted so effectively while virtue and character and morals are roundly mocked and rejected. Meanwhile, it could be said that the Mystical Body — the Church — has never been so unprepared for and unengaged in the challenging mission of spiritual warfare. It is obvious that Satan’s forces are well trained and well organized while ours are clearly not. At the very beginnings of our great nation, Sir Edmund Burke is said to have warned, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Yes, we are being called upon to fight the mother of all wars against powerful evil spirits in the heavenly realm, but we are sure to meet our demise unless we discover these battles cannot be won without first acquiring God’s strength and mighty power:

“Draw your strength from the Lord and his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. Our battle is not against human forces but against the principalities and powers, the rulers of this world of darkness, the evil spirits in regions above. You must put on the armor of God if you are to resist on the evil day; do all that your duty requires, and hold your ground” (Eph 6:10-12)  (Excerpt from Church Militant Field Manual).

The fortresses from which the mightiest warriors are trained and armed are the homes of those who “truly” believe in the supernatural power of God, and do all they can to instill this in their children. These are the “only” warriors capable of standing against these powers of death and darkness. These are the elite fighting forces God is calling upon.

So, parents, here is a list that forms the base foundation from which to build that mighty “domestic church” fortress.

Okay, some of this you may have done, but here’s what you need to do …

  1. Have your whole family enrolled in the Brown Scapular.
  2. Have your family pray the Marian Consecration.
  3. Commit to a family rosary at the same time every night … even if everyone can’t always be there.
  4. Do Cardinal Burke’s Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in your home.
  5. Bless your children with Holy Water every night before they go to bed.
  6. Place exorcised and blessed salt in every room, behind furniture, away from the vacuum.
  7. Place exorcised and blessed Benedict Medals on top of the door frames throughout the house.
  8. Place blessed crucifixes in every room.
  9. Get your family to Confession, at least once a month (every couple of weeks is good too).
  10. Parents need to have a talk with each other that “it begins with you two.” In other words, you need to ask for and model the fruit of the Holy Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23 – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”
  11. Parents: Choose a day, beyond Fridays, to fast or abstain for your family.
  12. Parents (especially dads) need to each commit to an hour of Adoration every month, for your family (see “Midnight Watch” video below).

Beyond this, do all you can to open no portals to evil in your home. You must “stand in the breach” and keep all pornography, any sort of propaganda, and all forces attempting to “normalize evil” out of your home, and away from your children.

Do these things, and your home will find peace, again, and be richly blessed and protected.

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