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    My sister was given a few months to live several years ago. Took herself off hospice so she could take care of problems not related to the illness at the time. Now she nears the end of her life. She has been taking care of her husband for 10 years who had a brain stem stroke and can not longer. Two of her children are feeling overwhelmed because they are being called on to help more and more. My sister just wishes God would take her home and doesn’t understand why he keeps her here. Not financially able to get the amount of help she really needs. She lives almost400 miles away so I can’t help her. She is one of the holiest people I know and certainly has been doing her purgatory on earth. Please pray that she will soon be with God.

  2. Paula M. Ramos

    Lets pray for Father Altman, may Christ wash him in His Precious Blood and Our Mother tuck Father under her mantle.

    I needed to hear Father Altman’s message, I needed to see one of our priests stand up for Mother Church. May God bless you Father Altman, I will be keeping you in my daily prayers.

  3. Susan

    Prayers please for Fr. James Altman at St. James the Less in Lacrosse, who is being censored and possibly facing disciplinary action by Bishop Callahan.

    Prayers, please, for the Church, for true Catholic leadership among the Bishops.

  4. sony

    pls pls pray for my daughter HENNA. she is pregnant.pls pls pray for her safe and healthy pregnancy and that there are no complications.pls pray that the pregnancy is not ectopic .thankyou. pls pray for the protection of the unborn baby.pls keep my daughter in your daily prayers.

  5. Erin

    My husband is an alcoholic. He’s abusive when he drinks. He knows Jesus but hasn’t been following Him for a long time, but he claims he does. I’m 12 weeks pregnant. Im safe at my parents house. I’m praying he submits to Jesus & is delivered from alcoholism before our baby is born.

    1. Danielle

      Dear Erin, I am very sorry to hear about your situation, especially with your baby on the way. I understand. My ex-husband (a civil marriage now invalidated) was an angry alcoholic whom my stepdaughters warned me had hit their mother. All my family was 2000 miles away; I was alone. I prayed to Saint Joseph regularly for protection. Who better to turn to but the man entrusted with the protection and care of Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus Christ? I escaped that marriage without my ex hurting me. Pray to Saint Joseph, that he will intercede with God for you, your baby and your husband, so that your husband takes responsibility for healing himself, and becomes the husband and father God wishes for him to be. I’ll pray the Litany of Saint Joseph and the Saint Michael prayer for you. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and baby! God bless you and your family.

  6. Elise Hougesen

    Hey, there may be something good about us! Here is a link to Mt. St. Mary’s Catholic School in Grass Valley, California that received a waiver to re-open and they are doing it! May become a model for others to re-open, and yes, they are nervous! It looks good, and if they can do it safely, so can you! You might add this to your protest prayer at the capitol in Madison! Prayers from a Traditional Catholic in Grass Valley. Loved the sermon on Charity for today, by the way.

  7. Mary

    Please pray for my family members that are suffering illness and needing faith in God.

  8. Maripat

    Pray for my family who are very far away from their faith. In light of all the events that are going on, it’s apparent that we can’t go on like this as a nation and maybe some “warning” will be coming. All of my family, which includes my siblings and their families and my husband and children are not on the right path. I’m scared for them.

  9. estelita

    Pls. include my request in your prayer for my complete healing & recovery from Stage IV breast cancer metastasize to the bone. For the approval of our (me & my husband) Health Card as dependent of our daughter and also for the approval of my request for medical assistance to our government charity institution. May the Lord touch the heart of the approving authorities considered my needs for this medical assistance to sustain my expensive chemo/bone treatment and be generous enough in granting this. In Jesus name we pray. Thank you for you pray