Grace Force Podcast: Dave Durand on Racial Fairness


Please watch this amazing podcast with Dave Durand, who is a best-selling author, CEO, and Relevant Radio Network weekly contributor. Dave and other leaders from around the nation are leading a movement that offers a “Third Option” to Black Lives Matter. The website just went live:

According to Dave and these many leaders …

“Black Lives Matter offers us only two options: 1) Join the Black Lives Matter movement, 2) If you don’t join the BLM movement, you are a racist.

There is movement afoot that wants to break through this with a third option: ‘Racial Fairness.’

‘Racial Fairness’ is a movement that seeks to, actually, confront real issues of racial unfairness, without the calls for anarchy, looting, rioting, defunding the police, tearing down the nuclear family, and tearing down our democracy in favor of a communist revolution.”

Don’t miss this podcast with Dave Durand and the Big Announcement of the “Third Option.”