Updates on Religious Education Programs

From Beth Ptak, CRE

SUNDAY 8am FAMILY CLASSES:These are canceled for the remaining school year. This will sadly include our May 10 Family Brunch. But I think there still might be a May Crowning, May 3, I will let you know. I will send out future emails regarding this and book return, etc.  Please continue your home-studies.

Now -more than ever- our children need to learn to “lean into” their Catholic faith as did all those amazing saints before us who endured persecution and disease!  Those stories really hit home to us (and our children) now, don’t they?  We are living in holy times!

FIRST SACRAMENTS prep/ceremony:  

FIRST CONFESSION: Thank you to all the families that attended the beautiful First Confession/Adoration evening last Thursday!

I have  the following students recorded for receiving that evening:

  • Lana S.
  • Veronica T.
  • Maggie C.
  • Gemma K.
  • Gabriel R.
  • Dorothy K.
  • Hazel S.

If your child did receive that night and is not on the list, let me know.

If your child has received on another occasion, let me know.

If your child has yet to receive this sacrament, contact me or Fr. Rick to arrange a private confession.  He is available at his rectory and it is easy access at his front door. Call ahead (798-4644) to make sure he’s there, then ring the intercom button next to the front door, he will tell you to come in, the kneeler is right there as you enter and his office door will be closed but has a confession screen built in, you’re all set! And opposite (behind) the kneeler is a small chapel for you to pray your penance!

Please make sure your child receives his or her sacrament of Confession before receiving First Communion.

FIRST COMMUNION:  As of today, because the diocese has stated the ending date for the Mass cancellations is April 3, we are still on for the April 19 ceremony at both our Sunday Masses. BUT we will definitely keep you notified if anything changes, which in all likelihood it will.  We don’t know the diocese next directive on this yet. So watch for my emails, that’s how I will contact you.

Remember, God sees all. In His Greatness He KNOWS what difficulties we are all under.  Our obedience to Him and to the difficult decisions our Bishop Hying has had to make, is key to the personal Graces we will each receive as we move through these adjustments and cancellations.

Look to this threat of virus as a time of strengthening and testing –  of our faith, to see what it is really made of.  It is precisely for times like this…that we have this gift of faith. Lets use it! Offer up your suffering, turn it into prayer for your families.

Baptismal Certificate:  (if your child was baptized outside of St. Mary’s) The parish office must have a stamped copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate on file.  You can contact the church where the baptism took place and they will provide the copy for you to send/drop off in our parish office.