Father Heilman Releases New ‘My Confessor’ App

Father Richard Heilman has just released the final version of his “My Confessor” app that makes it easy for penitents to determine when Father is available for confession. Below is Father’s announcement:

Sunday is my 60th Birthday. I am proud to say that I share my birthday with St. John the Baptist. My Coat of Arms reflects my desire, as well as my desire for all to totally surrender to God and to live “in sync” with Him in a state of grace: The Latin on my Coat of Arms is from St. John the Baptist and is translated: “He must increase, I must decrease.”

The all new My Confessor App is my gift to all of you, who I love so much. I used my own money to create this app, and I am making the app free to all. Also, please notify your priest to become a “My Confessor Priest.” This is free for priests to use too.

I am not joking when I say that I almost panic when people, without the armor of a “state of grace,” are in grave danger as Satan now has “easy access” to cause chaos and all sorts of harm to them. I truly yearn to keep you safe and at peace under the armor of grace.

The My Confessor App is a way to find an available priest for confession, a guide to examine your conscience, and a guide for making a good confession. All in one simple app. Even if a priest is not using it in your area, you’ll want to use this app to examine your conscience and guide your Confession (with the Act of Contrition that many have not yet memorized).

You can go here to download it: MyConfessor.org